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Daily Curriculum

All Nestled Inn is pleased to share our curriculum goals to support your child's education and prepare them for Kindergarten. Our curriculum is aligned to the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards. Our staff uses multiple assessments and observations to provide activities in our daily routines that support innovative and individualized components of learning. Our curriculum includes daily practice of ASL Sign language and basic recognition and vocabulary of Spanish words. Our children also enjoy a yoga-based activity each week to promote gross and fine motor skills, as well as uniting the brain with movement to strengthen early learning.

We devote each weekday to a special activity.

Mealtime Mondays

We make a 3-4 ingredient meal component, with which the children assist us. This activity is a great way to share a love for cooking and promote healthy habits, as well as our Nutrition education curriculum, “Try Something New!” The kids love the feeling of empowerment in the kitchen and we love the heart of our home being our kitchen area. Here we can share meal planning, good meals, and lots of smiles and laughter.

Tuesday Tumble and Twist

This is a great way to promote “Let's Move” through music, motion, and yoga-based activities.

WEB Wednesday

This is a great way for us to introduce our little ones to technology. We share a subscription to ABCMouse.com, My Big World, & Science Spin Scholastic Magazines. Each program promotes learning by viewing videos and activities. These help relate what we learn in our weekly readers to ideas and concepts happening around the world.

Bible Builders Thursday

This is a great way to share Bible stories and crafts.

Free Choice Friday

Our children choose their favorite activities from the week, and we support reviewing those topics they loved the most!

Our Curriculum is supported by both a pre-packaged daily program purchased from Mother Goose Curriculum, and teacher researched and developed topics and themes supported by multiple early childhood resources.

Dance 'n Movement

Dance ‘n Movement features 21 movements from the four main regions of the body: upper body, lower body, core and head. They support the Development of coordination, balance, strength and control. Your children will also increase postural alignment and spatial awareness.

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