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Having my daughter attend All Nestled Inn has been wonderful for her in many ways and I have noticed a lot of changes in her education and behavior! I love when she comes home and tells me what she had for lunch, and what kind of things she learned that day! She has learned many shapes and colors, numbers, etc. I love the close connection that Stephanie has with my child and all the others. I would much rather my daughter be among a few other kids, than several other children. This way they can have a little more one on one attention.

- Andi Wallace

I have been involved with Stephanie's daycare for many years. Our daughter was in her care For several years. We felt relieved to know she was in a clean environment, that her social emotional and educational needs were being addressed. She was accommodating with our not so predictable work schedules, many times over our agreed upon pickup time. Thanks Stephanie for going above and beyond for our family. We truly appreciated the TLC shown to us and our circumstances. Being working parents is a huge challenge, It's difficult to find reliable flexible providers. When working a high stress job it's nice to know your child is being well cared for, one less stressor. Thanks Steff!

- Jeff Price

While I am not a parent, I have visited the Geneseo home often and found it to be a well organized family child care filled with lots of love, fun learning and engagement evident. Every time I visit, Steff is excited to show me what learning activities she has in store for her kiddos.

- Erica Yates

Me and my son love and enjoy All Nestled Inn daycare for many reasons. It's a loving family oriented facility. I know my child is safe and well taken care of. I know he eats healthy meals when he's cooperative. He has learned so much in the 3.5 years that we have been there. I'm very blessed to have found this daycare so close to my work

- Samantha McCollins

Very caring woman. She treats the kids as if they were her own and I can tell she loves them very much. I feel very comfortable, fortunate, and blessed that I am able to take my children there. I trust her 100% with my kids and thank God every day that that's who he blessed me with to take care of my kids when I have to be away from them

- April Dillon

I recommend Stephanie Geneseo's family child care business, All Nestled Inn, for families needing care in the tri-state area. She has been in business since 1999 and has always provided the best child care possible. She works hard in the community to provide services for children with special needs as well. I've been a child care provider since the early 80's and it's so wonderful to be able to recommend clients use Stephanie services and feel confident she will do her best.

- Tamara Eubank