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Curriculum & Classrooms

All Nestled Inn is pleased to share our curriculum goals to support your child's education and prepare them for Kindergarten. Our curriculum is aligned to the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards. Our staff uses multiple assessments and observations to provide activities in our daily routines that support innovative and individualized components of learning. Our curriculum includes daily practice of ASL Sign language and basic recognition and vocabulary of Spanish words. Our children also enjoy a yoga-based activity each week to promote gross and fine motor skills, as well as uniting the brain with movement to strengthen early learning.

Each month of curriculum has a featured theme. Thematic investigations allow children to play, explore and learn about different concepts in their expanding lives. Themes allow children to organize new information and create a growing mental schema.

Our Curriculum is supported by both a pre-packaged daily program purchased from Mother Goose Curriculum, and teacher researched and developed topics and themes supported by multiple early childhood resources. Early Literacy is the cornerstone of our program and we have partnered with the Very Ready Reading Program to introduce a love of reading from Infancy to Kindergarten. We are committed to the pledge 1,000 books before Kindergarten.

Our Family Child Care home has created two rooms devoted specifically to child care classrooms. We have a large open room for learning and a smaller attached room for Infant rest and play.

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