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Hours Of Operation

All Nestled Inn Family Child Care Home is a licensed Type B child care home service, serving six children per shift. We support flexible schedules, and payment fee options. Our schedule is based on the partnership of parent need and provider availability.

Schedule a tour and learn more about our program, policies, and enrollment opportunities that support not just the child, but the whole family.

Any changes in child care scheduling must be provided in writing one week prior to any approved changes. All FINAL schedules and changes must be approved in writing by our Director, Stephanie Geneseo. Please note all fees for the current schedule must be paid in full before any changes will be approved. A one year Plan of Operation regarding open Dates and Closures is listed in your enrollment packet. Please note you are responsible for securing and reimbursing a back-up service provider for your family during the closure dates provided by All Nestled Inn. Your child care fees are based on the space assigned to your child.

Please contact an EduCare staff member to discuss your family scheduling needs.

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